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    2012-05-02 15:34:21

    Andy Tate

    Thanks Robin, Great review you did and got me sorted. We needed a way to exchange large files between members of a local history group and now we have the solution. Using WeTransfer to start with but if any troubles we have the others for backup..

    2012-05-02 15:33:44

    Andy Tate

    Okay I have now tried out 5 more of these systems, again I am looking for FREE accounts. It is also worth checking out:- www.files2U.com www.sendthisfile.com which both have 2Gbyte limts but with 48hr or 3 days to download the files respectively

    2012-05-02 13:06:32


    WeTransfer gets my vote as being the BEST of the bunch. I looked at all the featured websites to see their offerings, tried a few and www.wetransfer.com has a real simple clean interface, a free allowance of 2G transfer, no registration, automatically zips up multiple files, has no daily or monthly limits, recipient has 14days to download them, and you get an email confirming when they do. 5* service. Try it and see. I sent my high res pictures just fine.

    2012-05-02 12:24:04


    Great list of services for sending large attachments. Thanks. Just an update for you in that File Apartment have STOPPED the FREE Plan.. it now costs $0.49 per file per day per download. Note this service is all PRICED PER FILE.

    2012-04-27 01:20:32


    Hi there, We'd like to add File Trek to the list of programs for sending files without email. How can we do this? Here's a URL: https://filetrek.com FileTrek file tracking software provides a complete view of sharing, syncing and versioning activities. Individuals can access, share and track files from any location at anytime. Share files via the cloud on multiple devices Backup every version of critical files in real-time Keep files in sync regardless of location Generate automatic audit trails showing file genealogy View project dependencies and related files

    2012-04-26 09:03:41


    I use ForgetBox, it allows the user to send an unlimited number of files with unlimited size in 4 clics only ! And it's free ! All the process is made in background, and you can shut down and restart your computer, the transfer will continue where you stopped it. www.forgetbox.com There is also a gmail extension for remove the 25Mb limitation forgetbox-for-gmail.com

    2012-04-03 08:09:48

    BouB / PoPsY TeAm

    Here in France we have 2 free services for files under 1GB: demo.ovh.fr and dl.free.fr :)

    2011-08-21 02:10:30

    Robin Good

    Better yet, now there is FileStork https://filestork.net, which allows any Dropbox user to easily receive large files directly in his Dropbox, from anyone (even if they are not Dropbox users).

    2011-08-21 00:28:43


    Allie, as Robin suggested dropbox is an option.There is one more option called Binfer. The difference is that with Dropbox you have to upload it first to their server, whereas with Binfer files will transfer live from your's to your recipients computer. No need to upload it anywhere.

    2011-02-15 10:10:06

    Robin Good

    Hello Allie, I suggest you give a good try-out to Dropbox. You will be able to transfer 16Gb per day to all your teammates without trouble. The only thing you will need is good connectivity.

    2011-02-10 17:58:11


    Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions thus far. Can anyone suggest a website that can transfer folders of folders of files around 16gb minimum on a daily basis? I have a cameraman on location and he needs to uploadtransfer his raw footage to me. Maximum upload 80 gb (5 folders, 16 gb each) per day. Minimum upload 6 gb (one folder) per day. This is for a 20-day period of time. -For the websites I've perused, no one transfers folders.

    2011-02-03 13:04:48


    Wow! What a list! Tons of options to try out here, that's for sure. Has anyone here tried FilesDIRECT? I've been thinking of trying them because they offer a custom dropbox and they've recently tripled the amount of cloud storage they offer (they now start at 30GB).

    2010-09-07 02:17:53

    Daniele Bazzano

    Hi Al, I would go for divShare, which is relatively inexpensive ($19.99year) and allows you to have up to 25GB to host your files. The service is also very easy to use and allows you to password-protect your shared files. Let me know what you think. Daniele

    2010-09-06 23:45:42


    Hello, I was trying to find a hosting site which will allow me to transfer files to clients ranging from 5GB to 12GB. I need to send them a link to download the file like mediafire does but it has a 2GB limit. I do not care about if it is a pay site I just need one that work and is easy to use. Thanks, Al

    2010-08-27 15:29:05


    You should also add www.gosendex.com They launched last year for the print industry-but the service can send up to 100GB free. You have to register for multiple file transfer - And notifies users once recipient(s) have received the files

    2010-08-08 12:23:55


    Maybe you could add this one to the list. www.wetransfer.com

    2010-05-08 16:16:34


    You can try http:www.1fichier.com Support files up to 10Gb FTP & remote upload Files expires after 60 days without download

    2010-03-08 14:10:14


    I use b2bfiles.net . These guys are great. The free lite account lets you pretty much do everything including sending files up to 500 MB. I might upgrade soon as the sharing tool is very useful. They only let you share half a gig.

    2010-02-26 10:47:38


    FEB 2010 News from Extralargemail.com: Up to 256MB for single file transfer Up to 15 days file storage on our servers. Use our service for free!

    2009-12-17 15:04:15


    This is a great compilation article of all the services out there! We use Skoot at work which is great because if things like internet connectivity become an issue, the program will pick up where it left off! It's super easy too- and many people can "receive" the file in the workspace as well! They just released a new version 3.0 that is a great improvement! There are free trial downloads too, www.skootit.com

    2009-12-15 14:15:09

    PAblo 24

    I am from Germany. I use http:www.shipyourdata.com to reach new costumers with videos of my machines for sale: you upload, and they burn a CD right away. Delivery in 24h within USA and Canada. My customer do not have to download for hours. And it is faster than express mail.

    2009-12-04 13:04:02

    Nick Jur

    I also used the site Binfer.com and it worked well. The thing I liked about it is..It does not store the file on some one else's server.

    2009-12-03 13:37:28

    Anthony Teamson

    Missing from this list is the best large file sharing and data organization tool on the web. It is Skoot. It is already in use in Australia and was selected by Telstra as "Best of Breed". You can see this magnificent product at http:www.skootit.com. The data is sent securely to the end users desktop.

    2009-08-30 15:47:16

    Marlowe Fawcett

    wow. i'm a media professional (filmmaker, graphic designer, copy editor etc). i do all freelance work. i've been looking for ages for a really good file sharing site that isn't just a single function sending tool....ie. i want my clients to see drafts of a project in the most professional way possible. there's a lot of choices out there at that level, like box.net and fluxiom but i eventually signed up with contentcube.com (http:contentcube.comfiles) cuz they're site was really simple to understand. it's pretty new i think..still a beta version....but it's great for sharing and collaborating on work with clients or even other designers which is what i use it for a lot now. love to know what you think of these sorts of sites. thanks! marlowe fawcett

    2009-08-21 13:34:08


    Check out Foosle.com - Free file uploads, linking, and sharing. 200MB file limit. Simple, fast file sharing!

    2009-07-11 13:37:47

    Manish M. Shah

    An option is File Apartment (http:www.fileapartment.com): - Easy to use - Safe, secure, reliable, and fast - Up to 1 GB - No software to download or registration required - No bandwidth throttling

    2009-05-19 07:46:16


    www.mystudiomail.com in French, but free !

    2009-05-09 11:13:43

    Michael Williams

    Hello. This is an excellent resource that we will post on our blog:www.mydropzone.com. We realize that our product is not for everyone and want people to find the best product for them. We would like as many of you to give us your feedback and try out our product. It's in beta so there are a few small bugs here and there. You can get 100 mb free to give it whirl. It's fully drag and drop and web based. You should have java updated on your PC. We think we offer quite a few unique features (web based drag and drop, direct from desktop to app on Windows is one) and comprehensive features without very many limitations. If you have our 2 GB account at $4.00 per mo. you can drop over 500 mb. We look forward to your comments. Please watch the video tutorials and check out the early blog posts. The product is deceptively easy to use, but you will want to take a few minutes to acclimate yourself first. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    2009-05-06 05:08:05


    Smartsheet recently incorporated the file sendtransfer capability into its collaboration service as well. More useful than the file only services in that you can both send and manage your documents in the context of the list of work you're managing.

    2009-04-29 18:08:09


    you should try www.sizablesend.com - i use it to send large files all the time and its free. its always free for me, and i had never even needed to fill out a form or sign in to use it.

    2009-04-08 09:39:17


    I'd like to recommend Otengo (www.otengo.com). It works pretty much like e-mail. Just download the client (takes about 20 seconds), click on the "new message" button, drag any number or size of files OR folders into the body, enter recipient's e-mail address, and press "Send." It's secure, private, reliable, and best of all, completely free. Seriously, it easier to use than these other services.

    2009-04-03 02:06:58


    Well, I just tried your service Greg and after 2 hours of uploading a file...it gave me a FAILED error. So...good luck with marketing that service.

    2009-04-02 11:17:49

    Greg Pettit

    Disclosure: I work for FileCatalyst, owners of the service I describe below-- New on the scene but by one of the biggest players in accelerated file transfer is http:www.files2u.com (redirects to HTTPS for security). It does only one job-- allows people to send arbitrary sizes (and currently, quantities although that may change soon) of files to anybody with an email address. But it's secure, it's free, and unlike any other service it actually uses acceleration technology (when UDP isn't blocked by your firewall, otherwise it uses FTP or HTTP)... that means no slowdowns the way international FTP can have. It's not always about "fast servers," it's about ignoring latency! files2u.com is totally free, requires no registration, and the only "catch" if you can call it that (it's not really a catch) is that its reason-for-being is simply to showcase http:www.filecatalyst.com FileCatalyst technology.

    2009-03-31 08:49:39


    http:www.extralargemail.com is a free web service to send file up to 100MB.

    2009-03-26 03:02:20


    Shootthefile.com allows you to send up to 250MB for free and they have a cool 1GB express service where you pay $1.99 to send 1GB

    2009-03-20 14:46:38

    manish shah

    http:www.fileapartment.com ... Free, 1 GB, no registration required, simple and intuitive, secure, and high availability. Seriously, what else would want?

    2009-03-13 09:37:05


    i use www.mystudiomail.com up to 300 mb free

    2009-02-11 09:34:15

    manish shah

    Free, 1 GB, no registration required, simple and intuitive, secure, and high availability. Seriously, what else would want?

    2009-02-11 06:44:52


    I usually use depositfiles.com - free, no registeration, nice spped. But the maximum size of a file you can upload is 2 GB... I wonder why it is not in the list

    2009-01-30 23:42:45


    2novw hm, www.pipebytes.com still seems to be free, just limited to 384Kbps per file per free transfer

    2009-01-23 15:45:54

    Kasper Michael de Thurah

    I'm running a website called SendLarge.com where you can send up to 500 mb quick and easy. You can send all your digital photos, your homework, your workfiles. You decide. Go and create a free membership!

    2009-01-11 16:49:41

    Gil Gerretsen

    After reading all the comments and other reviews through Google, I narrowed it down to FileMail.com and GigaSize.com. I decided to go with GigaSize.com because I can get the works for the $6.99 one month membership. I will stay longer if it works well.

    2008-12-07 18:15:18

    Meryl K. Evans

    Just tried www.gigasize.com -- nice.

    2008-11-11 04:36:23


    You can try www.afileforyou.com, it's very smart.

    2008-10-25 11:00:20


    pipebytes is not longer free.

    2008-08-18 00:47:38

    Ben Daniel

    We have just launched our new website for sending large files. 2Large2Email - The simple way to send large files around the world, or next door. Please check it out sometime and sign up for a free 30 day trial. Let me know what you think.

    2008-07-17 08:27:34

    Hugh Turnbil

    Try a rel=nofolow href="http:www.BoltFile.com"BoltFile.coma - just signed up for them using voucher code "promo3mnth" and got 3 months discount! :) Send up to 2GB - and store files indefinately online - also got a cool mobile front end and FlickrFacebook integration + skinnable dropbox. ht

    2008-06-19 15:33:04


    I am currently developing a web site that allows you to securely send files that are too big to e-mail. There are no file or size limits, no software to download and install, and it is 100 free. It also works on all platforms, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux. The site is http:fileai.com, and we are currently in open beta. If you happen to stop by and give it a try, we'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks! :)

    2008-06-11 17:30:39

    James Tenburry

    Hi, I've been using www.2Big2Send.com successfully for the last few weeks, there is a size limit of 1GB but it works for me, seems to be quicker than the likes of Dropsend and YouSendIt.

    2008-05-22 02:05:24


    I have been using 2Peer.com to transfer large files and folders and seems to work great for me. It is 100 free and does not have any size restrictions...

    2008-04-11 16:55:16


    The original article ("How to Send Large Files without Email") "updated" March 11 2008, lists Grouper as an option. I tried to read the Grouper FAQ before installing crap on my system. The FAQ redirects to a crap site called Cracker.com - some kind of a youtube imitator. There is no FAQ for Grouper, so no thanks on Grouper

    2008-03-02 15:16:54


    For a corporate solution to sending large files in a secure manner have a look at Safe-T from BOS. http:www.boscorporate.compagessolutions_content.asp?intProductId=184&intParentId=184&intGlobalId=3 This is licensed by the number of senders, each of which needs to install a client program. The recipient of the file gets a link to download the data.

    2008-01-31 18:27:59

    Charlie R.

    Albert - Filemail was just what I was looking for! Worked like a charm for me!

    2008-01-28 15:36:49

    Albert Sandford

    I just discovered www.filemail.com - wow, this is just what I've been waiting for! If anyone know any better place for sending large files, without even signing up, I want to know about it :)

    2008-01-20 19:30:57


    Try www.diskd.com - send files instantly for free.

    2008-01-13 05:52:24

    John Dennon

    We use these guys with no problems - www.boltfile.com - service consistantly fast (for last 3 months at least!), quick support and send/receive files up to 2GB. Jst signed up for a Plus a/c - use coupon code 6mnthjan08 (I got 6mnths free!) thanks, john

    2008-01-08 09:26:22


    Use YourBucket, 100 Free, allows 2GB, unlimited bandwidth and most of all, fast servers. http://www.yourbucket.com

    2008-01-04 09:20:58

    Andy Stones

    We've been trialing www.boltfile.com recently - they look pretty good - easy to get started etc. Seem more focussed on the business customer with lots of features to brand the service and setup multiple users. Lacks social networking integration - but the best we've used so far.

    2007-12-14 12:00:15


    Sendshack is the simplest one, hands down.. and up to 1GB so far. Sendshack - Send big files free

    2007-12-05 15:57:46


    Thanks for the send6.com link. It is the best! J

    2007-11-30 06:52:53


    Check out www.sendalargefile.com, it offers 250mb transfers. In BETA at time of writing though.

    2007-11-13 21:44:48

    paul north

    I found a new site named www.send6.com which does a great job sending large files for free-they even allow you to brand your own site for your business.

    2007-11-09 17:42:36


    You can also try http://www.palshare.com You can upload files and folders, and they are automatically zipped during upload

    2007-11-09 14:42:58


    Try http://pipebytes.com/ They do not have file size limit and very simple to use.

    2007-10-19 12:20:30

    David Berman

    I invite you to try sendtoperson.com to send big files. Sendtoperson.com allows you to send files for free up to 1GB in size right from the home page. It has progress bars for uploading, secure file delivery and everything else you might need. My team and I put a lot of effort into the site and we hope you all enjoy using it! David Berman SendToPerson.com Founder

    2007-08-29 00:25:52


    Where is sendspace.com in your list guys! It's one of the biggest out here, so it's gotta be very popular too.

    2007-06-26 16:11:56


    I'm looking for open source software for Linux to make a proper server like yousendit. Anyone?

    2007-06-21 01:29:34

    Aruna Send

    Aruna Send offers free sending of large files from the web, facebook, iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Firefox and other widgets and gadgets. Check it out! http://arunasend.com

    2007-06-12 09:57:04


    If you want to do a little bit more than just sending, try eXfile (http://www.exfile.net). It supports sending whole folders, resuming transfers etc. And you also get an online file archive with a web gui, and the option to share online folders with other users..

    2007-05-15 21:40:56

    robert damstin

    check out this other service http://www.sendago.com - free (arent they all free these days?) 1GB software download for the sender. Been using yousendit and now I tried this one a few times looks good.

    2007-04-30 12:31:06

    T Vanagt

    Hello JMdraft, You can sent those family video files for free at http://www.transferitonline.com (not charging any users for this great service)! 1) It has been free for files up to 10.000 Mb (that's right 10 Gb) for the last 2 years and does not seem to become paying any time soon too. 2) It is extremely secure (authentication, encryption, signature,...) 3) It is localized (several languages: English, Dutch/Nederlands, French/Français, Spanish/Español, ...) 4) IT allows you to do bandwith throtteling (not disturbing your internet connection too much) 5) It has public/private key pairs for encryption on top of the https connections. 6) No need to be directly connected to the internet, should you need to pass thru your local proxy server it even supports proxy user-identification. 7) They will soon release web gadgets and an Outlook plug-in. You really should take a look at their feature list on http://www.transferitonline.com Cheers, Toon P.S. If you happen to be technical, they even have an SDK which you can use to send those files from your own applications.

    2007-03-23 14:33:20


    Does it seem right for me? I’m just a little old poot….no big biz. I just did a little video of the trips my wife and I took last year and I would like to send it to 20 or 30 friends over a period of a couple weeks. I could spend a little and don’t mind doing it for good tech support but not as much as Bill Gates might spend…..quite a bit less. Maybe do it again in a month or so but don’t want to get tied into what happens with a cell phone contract.

    2007-03-23 14:12:21

    Robin Good

    I love MediaFire.com and it does just what you want. But so do many others.

    2007-03-23 14:04:37


    I wonder if anybody knows of one like this. I upload it and they don’t mail it. Instead, they send me the link and I send the link to my friends. This way I can use my email address book.

    2007-02-20 10:46:05

    Robin Good

    Gee, that Senduit is really cool and simple to use indeed. I was going to recommend MediaFire, another great service to send large files to someone in the easiest way possible.

    2007-02-20 10:38:53


    My new favorite is Senduit. Definitely the cleanest interface I've found.

    2007-01-24 11:28:45


    Anyone interested in sending and transferring large files should look at Velodoc. The service can be accessed at Velodoc.net 1) It is free for files up to 100Mb 2) It is secure (authentication, encryption, signature, audit trail) 3) It is localized (several languages) 4) It is multi-user 5) They will soon release web gadgets and an Outlook plug-in.

    2007-01-05 16:35:14


    My company is looking for a third party service to handle file transfers with virus protection via a link through our web sites. Anything like that out there?

    2007-01-04 17:41:29

    Jesse Lipson

    Our company, ShareFile, released a service for transferring large files in November 2005. The service is exclusively focused on the business market and is a great choice for companies looking for an alternative to FTP but also requiring the professionalism that most of the online file transfer services lack.

    2007-01-02 06:41:36


    Recently I have come across www.use80.com - it seems to be the most easy one to use! Also supports multiple upload w/compression unlike most sites you listed.

    2006-11-20 03:39:05


    http://www.mediafire.com/ Seems better than most of what you have listed here.

    2006-11-15 11:06:28

    oliver forder

    Check out fileshift @ www.fileshift.com Our software has more features and functionality than all the above with user directories and log in areas, file management, messages and more.

    2006-09-21 18:01:41


    You can use a href="http://www.fileflyer.com/"www.fileflyer.com/a to send up to 400MB for free - very easily !!!

    2006-09-20 04:32:30


    Yousendit has changed their maximum file size to 100 mb instead of 1 gb. Too bad, as I liked the service but had to send a 107 mb file today :(

    2006-09-08 10:19:35


    I think www.sendyourfiles.com is also a very good program which could offer the opportunity to send files up to 10 GB with both the web version and Outlook plug-in with fast upload and download speed

    2006-03-02 09:40:02


    Looking for a file transfer service with tracking options (full functional) with a reasonalbe bandwidth and. Ofcourse the price also should be reasonalbe. if anyone comes to know of a such a thing please indicate the website thanks

    2005-11-17 04:20:08


    What about www.zupload.com is free up to 500mg and the file doesn's expire

    2005-11-10 21:22:34


    I have seen the future of large file sending and its called PANDO. I just got an invite to their beta program. The link is www.pando.com/beta. Pando is a tiny app powered by BitTorrent that lets you email large files or entire folders to anyone with an email address. Its free and the beta limit is 1GB per file. The only drawback I see is that you need to install the software (1.6MB) to send and recieve files.

    2005-10-19 07:48:27


    hi all, i have to sent a file to send of size 675MB.i used yousentit.com. but it's also not working ane cancelling in middle of process.so i made my file as parts .one of my file size is now 438MB.eventhough also my problem is not solving.olazz provide me a solution it's urgent for me.

    2005-09-05 14:30:23

    Mxolisi Khutama

    The above products are quite interesting, but still don't address the issue of security. Try this outlook plug-in, that does the same without using 3rd party URL's and clogging email systems. www.infimail.com

    2005-06-14 01:36:53


    I have used these guys to send 3 gigs upwards recently. Everything worked well and the speed was very impressive. Also all data is encrypted to 128 bit. www.medialaundry.com might be worth a look..

    2005-03-15 11:14:33


    How about FilePocket? It can do the same, but it's an application. www.exoticsoft.com

    2005-03-12 15:25:42


    Good overview over existing services. However, if you are looking for a general solution for an enterprise, you want probably to have your existing email server extended with the functionality to send large emails. In those cases, you might want to have a look on Mailonator (www.mailonator.com).

    2005-03-10 14:31:06


    I think that youshareit.com is much better then yousendit at least u can download files for 100times.

    2005-02-16 17:48:39

    Andy Swarbrick

    PopG extends Groove support for files & spaces above the 1-2 gig barrier.

    2005-02-14 22:28:38


    you send it now has a limit of 25 downloads per file

    2005-02-12 13:10:44

    Robin Good

    Mark, thank you for your good pointer. Much appreciated! Yannick, thank you for sharing this info about iCollaborate having stopped its activities. Robin

    2005-02-12 00:53:53


    iCollaborate has stopped its activities since 1st Feb. Sometimes you wonder how all those emerging "free" product companies think they are going to make enough money to pay the electricity bills!

    2005-02-10 18:59:11


    How about Open Source Uploadbin? http://weblogtoolscollection.com/uploadbin







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